Forest Youth: From improving Youth Wellbeing to Empowering Youth

Project Result 1

As our partners’ survey of 30 youth workers dealing with youth having fewer opportunities showed, the youth had a negative impact on their wellbeing, their experienced anxiety, depresion and become even more inactive, more screen-addicted than before covid pandemia. Therefore, we have a need to create a methodology that would improve youth wellbeing, engage, connect and empower them to take initiative. While we were searching for the ways, forest bathing methodology was discovered which should be adapted to our target group needs and expand with youth empowerment, youth initiative-taking and entrepreneurship. Target group: Youth workers, leaders, volunteers working with youth having fewer opportunities.

Project Result 2

Needs analysis showed us that in the covid pandemic period we often are forced to be alone, therefore, Forest Youth Platform could provide a tool for individual learning where video/audio material would be uploaded. In this case, sometimes internet access could be weak, audio material should be easily downloadable. Visual material will be provided limited with the purpose – youth should focus their attention on the environment – to the forest/park, not to the phone screen.

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