Project Impact

The following results will be achieved during the project lifetime:

– Methodology for youth workers “Forest Youth: from improving Youth Wellbeing to Empowering Youth for Actions” (approx. 60 pages) in English, Lithuanian, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Bulgarian languages;

– At least 48 youth workers/trainers will be trained during the piloting stage of the methodology;

– At least 240 youth will participate in Forest Youth activities, will initiate and organise initiatives on the fight against climate change;

– At least 48 initiatives by young people will be organised.

– Project website will be set where all produced materials will be published as open source.

– Project Facebook page & Instagram will be set to keep updated about the project (frequency once a week) with at least 600 followers.

– At least 240 users will be on the Forest Youth Platform which will be available in English, Lithuanian, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Bulgarian languages.

– 6 multiplier events with at least 180 participants ready to implement Forest Youth methodology in their organisations and their daily activities.

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